Soccer is the most popular sport discipline in the world, in fact it is called the king of sports, and the reasons for this are many, but mainly how colorful, exciting, and attractive its matches can be, since it is it involves not only the talent and physical aptitudes of the players, but the strategy and passion that they bring to the pitch.

One of the factors that has taken more importance and interest lately is the speed of the players, it is even a mandatory feature in some positions such as the wingers or the forwards.

Speed, a very important factor

Speed ​​has become one of the main characteristics and physical aptitudes that every professional footballer must have, since today modern football is much more dizzying and faster than in previous times. Currently we can enjoy players who do a very fast sprint.

On the other hand, this ability is even more complicated considering that it is not only about running, but about running with the ball or going after it, which gives players with this characteristic much more merit.

What are the fastest in the world?

The following are the players whose speed records (which are endorsed by FIFA) are the fastest in the world today:

  1. Gareth Bale

This player currently plays for Real Madrid FC, from Wales, he is officially the fastest footballer on the planet. Nicknamed “El Galgo”, a top speed of 36.9 km / h has been recorded , this being its main characteristic in the game.

  1. Orlando Berrio

Despite being one of the fastest on the planet, this footballer is not well known or appears among the elite of world soccer, however his speed has made him a star of Brazilian soccer, which is popular for his dizzying game.

Born in Colombia, this Flamengo player can reach a speed of 36 km / h , which places him in second place among the fastest in the world.

  1. Jurgen Damn

This is a Mexican full-back of German origin, who plays for the popular Tigres team.He has managed to reach impressive speeds during the Mexican league matches, having the fastest record of 35.2 km / h , occupying third place on this list. .

  1. Antonio valencia

This Ecuadorian winger, former Manchester United player, has been on this list for several years, since despite his age, he has remained physically at his peak. His best time was 35.1 km / h , which made him one of the headaches for premier league defenders in recent years.

  1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

This excellent Arsenal player has one of his best weapons in his speed, he has achieved records of 34.6 km / h , which are combined with his ability with the ball and mental speed to be one of the most effective forwards in the league. league premiere.

  1. Aaron Lennon

This great English player from Everton, surprisingly entered this list and even surpassed other very fast ones, this because he considerably improved his physical conditions affecting his speed, at 30 years old he can reach speeds of 33.8 km / h .

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The current star of Juventus of Italy, and one of the best players in the world, combines different aspects in his game that have made him the player with the highest effectiveness in the face of goal today, he has managed to reach records of 33, 6 km / h , being a nightmare for the opposing defenses.

  1. Theo Walcott

Another player from the premiere league that appears on the list, Aubameyang’s teammate, this Arsenal winger is also very fast, reaching speeds of 32.7 km / h .

  1. Lionel messi

The Argentine star and main star of Barcelona FC, who is considered one of the best players in history, in addition to being very skilled with the ball, having a mental quickness like few and being an excellent free-throw collector, is also very fast, it achieves speeds of up to 32.5 km / h .

  1. Wayne Rooney

Despite his age and military in a relatively lower level league (MLS), Wayne Rooney has returned to this list, his physical conditions allow him to continue being one of the fastest soccer players on the planet since he manages to reach speeds of 31.2 km / h .