Footballers are athletes who carry out intense physical activity and who must always be in the best possible shape . It is not easy for them to go out onto the field and play constantly with ups and downs in intensity depending on the development of the game, the actions of their rivals or the orders given to them by their coach. For this reason, it is essential that they take into account the use of supplements that help them supplement their diet and that give them a point of support when it comes to being more prepared for that great physical effort.

There are two natural and beneficial supplements that footballers mainly have to consider. On the one hand, glucosamine and on the other, methylsulfonylmethane, also known as MSM. Their introduction into the soccer player’s day-to-day life gives them a great advantage to be more prepared for physical effort than their peers who do not use these supplements.

Glucosamine to eliminate pain in all types of joints

Glucosamine is such a natural supplement that in fact our own already produces it, but not at the necessary levels that are more beneficial for these types of athletes. It is an amino-sugar that ensures that joint pain does not occur and that the cartilage of the body is well formed and in good condition. The use of glucosamine is the natural and positive alternative to taking anti-inflammatories when we have joint pain that all they do is hide a problem and not help provide any type of solution.

The effects of taking additional glucosamine for our body are reflected by seeing how the cartilage is greatly benefited by it, improving its condition, repairing any type of damage that may have occurred , reinforcing the cartilage that has worn down and strengthening the entire system. of the body so that the healing processes are more immediate. Due to all this, glucosamine not only prevents problems, but also helps reduce the levels of inflammation and discomfort that we are already suffering.

Not only footballers can take glucosamine, but it is recommended to anyone who does sports on a frequent basis, in view of the fact that this can avoid problems and pain . With its consumption we will also be giving the body support in the prevention of osteoarthritis, we will reduce those discomforts that may be chasing us in the joints and we will help reduce pain that we may already have in areas, such as the back.

MSM as a remedy for pain and fatigue

More and more people are opting for natural solutions to combat pain and to improve general health. Footballers know this well, given that in recent years their habits have changed a lot, abandoning medicines for the introduction of substances such as MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Its composition is based on natural sulfur, which takes care of lending a hand to the body’s collagen and to the internal phase dedicated to the production of the essential amino acids that we all need in the body.

The main aspects that make MSM such a good option include reducing inflammation problems, relieving joint pain and support in specific circumstances, such as if we suffer from allergies, have carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic fatigue. As it does not have side effects , since it is a substance that is already produced in the body and whose level increase only has beneficial results, it is taken by more and more athletes. And not only footballers take advantage of it, since as with glucosamine, it is a supplement that is also being introduced into the day-to-day life of anyone who plays sports or has this type of ailment.